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Public utilities & waste management

The City of Ghent and IVAGO, the local waste collecting and treating company, deals with the rubbish. People who reduce their household waste and carefully sort the remaining waste will certainly be rewarded for their efforts. Indeed, we abide by the Polluter Pays Principle.

Just do it!
Together we can reduce the amount of waste! Here are some tips and tricks:

  • carry your shopping in a reusable bag;
  • don’t buy overpacked products;
  • choose fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • opt for water, beer and soft drinks in bottles with deposit;
  • ask for a  “geen reclamedrukwerk” letterbox  sticker (no advertising) at IVAGO (Proeftuinstraat 43), the City Shop (Woodrow Wilsonplein 1) or at the “Huis van de Student” (Sint Pietersplein 14)

Ask for the waste collection calendar
The waste collection calendar is distributed annually in December. This gives the dates of collection for different kinds of waste and recycled rubbish, and the rules for separating and collection procedures. Please note that the collection dates differ from address to address. You can ask for the correct calendar by e-mailing your full address to with subject “calendar”. You can also consult the calendar on (click on ”ophaalkalender” at the right side and fill in your full address).

In accordance with police regulations you are only allowed to put your household waste outside on the day of collection from 05h00. However, the waste collecting teams start collecting at 07h00! If you put your waste outside too late, it won’t be collected and you will have to take it back inside.

Putting outside household waste on the wrong day, in an inappropriate recipient or depositing your garbage in public waste baskets is considered illegal dumping. Such violations are liable to severe penalties! Identified offenders can expect a fine of approximately 120 EUR and a bill of 250 EUR cleanup costs.

Waste management

  • Household waste = Combustible and non-recyclable household waste.
    • Only in official yellow IVAGO bags (30 or 60 litres). Please note that the 15-litre bags can only be used for collection containers in student houses with over 10 residential units!
    • The bags must be tied up (not taped). Leave a grip, thus allowing easy collection. Mind the maximum weight of 15 kilograms for a 60-litre bag.
  • PMD = Plastic bottles and flasks, Metal packaging and Drink cartons.
    Carefully selected packaging waste can be recycled!
    • Only in official blue IVAGO bags.
    • Collected every two weeks.

The IVAGO bags can be purchased in most supermarkets, local shops, the City
Shop (Woodrow Wilsonplein 1) and at IVAGO (Proeftuinstraat 43).
Official yellow bags for household waste 
Volume 30 litres - 10 bags per roll - 7.50 EUR
Volume 60 litres - 10 bags per roll - 15 EUR
Blue bags for PMD
Volume 60 litres - 25 bags per roll - 3 EUR

  • GFT = Vegetables, fruits and garden waste
    • You can use a green IVAGO container with electronic chip. This must be ordered at IVAGO or You can find the prices on the website. 
    • Collected every week.
  • Glass = transparent empty glass bottles, bowls and flasks.
    • In a plastic bucket or solid plastic box with closed bottom and lateral walls.
      Not in wooden crates or cardboard boxes!
    • Collected once a month.
  • Paper and cardboard = newspapers, magazines, books, cardboard boxes, etc.
    • In a closed cardboard box or tied together with string.
    • Collected once a month.
  • Collection containers
    Student houses with over 10 residential units have special collection containers for household waste, glass, paper and cardboard, PMD and possibly GFT (Vegetable, Fruit and Garden waste). Arrangements have been made between the landlords or caretakers and IVAGO. Ask your caretaker or landlord for the correct collection dates. Please note that you have to put your household waste and PMD in the official IVAGO bags. Place these bags in the correct container.

Hints for smooth waste management at your student room
Display the collection calendar in a clearly visible place.
Appoint a waste management co-ordinator or draw up a rota.


IVAGO, Proeftuinstraat 43, B-9000 Gent, + 32 (0) 9 240 81 11

Stad Gent, Botermarkt 1, 9000 Gent, tel. +32 (0)9 210 10 10, fax +32 (0)9 210 10 20, e-mail